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Not the usual north Chennai gangster
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Mafia is definitely not the usual gangster movie set in north Chennai. Instead, it is a fast-paced saga of a hitman in Chennai.

Arun Vijay plays the stylish protagonist and Prasanna as his enemy. The duo deliver an intense performance under Karthik Naren’s direction. It is no wonder that Arun Vijay confidently tweeted earlier that this is his best film, yet. Priya Bhavani Shankar, the heroine, has been given an intriguing role that she performs with élan. Her role plays a crucial part in the script.

The plot might remind you of Vikram Vedha, where the lead roles play a game of cat and mouse; but Karthik Naren outshines in his treatment of the characters using zoomorphism. Prasanna remarkably portrays himself sly and cunning like a fox, while Arun roars like a true lion throughout the story. In this high octane thriller, the lead characters continuously challenge each other and keep us on the edge of our seats. Who wins the chase forms the rest of the story. Some scenes are so meticulously shot that we can feel  the darkness of the characters pass through to us.

The film has been shot in live locations in the city and in Thailand. Jakes Bijoy delivers the apt music, and Gokul Binoy has done the gripping cinematography. The script magnificently portrays the war of words between the hero and villain, mocking each other’s weaknesses.

The script, visuals, and actors together create a captivating aura and lead you to be invested in the movie from the beginning to the end.  When you leave the theatre, you even secretly wish the evil to win over good. 


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