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A jolly good piggyback ride
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Overall, this comedy caper is a total family entertainer.

If you want to join a laugh riot, then book a seat to watch Pannikutty. Don’t blame us if you come away aching after all that laughter.

A bunch of friends go on a chase to find a pink piglet at the advice of a fraudulent swami. The story captures the funny events surrounding the chase and the aftermath. The director cleverly weaves a love story into the main storyline making sure there is never a dull moment in the film.

Yogi Babu plays the lead role; Karunakaran plays his best buddy. Ramar, Thangadurai, Singam Puli, Lakshmi  Priya, and TP Gajendran play other supporting roles. Dindugul Leoni accomplishes what he does best-humour-in his role as the godman. This is one of the rare Tamil movies where a host of comedians drive the storyline. Yogi Babu, in his best form, keeps us chuckling with his flawlessly funny expressions, timely dialogues, and good acting. The rest of the actors shine in their moments.

The film is directed and edited by Anucharan Murugaiyan of the Kirumi fame, and scripted by Anucharan Murugaiyan and M.Manikandan. Krishna Kumar (a) K has composed the music. You know the cinematographer has done a great job when you see a piglet nose to nose with the camera. The chase scenes are lively, the mood is bright, and the locations are just too apt.

Overall, this comedy caper is a total family entertainer.


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