NewsThalaivar’s Darbar Spoiler Alert

Thalaivar’s Darbar Spoiler Alert
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At long last, the Darbar trailer was finally released!!!!

Beginning from the first, the title card symbolically represents ” police sairen” the red and white theme. Tells that the movie is about a police story.

As we can see the big party happening between thugs, maybe the hero introduction scene. That sword in the fight scene might be a signature weapon for the hero.

The scene appears with the police lineup, tells the Hero is a policeman, should be a higher officer. Hero full and fully evil cop. All the fight scenes and dialogs mention it again and again. A hero who is a bad cop with a good perspective. Trying to do good things and changes.

The conversation scene between heroine and hero, especially showing the airpods.. we can realize it’s not a period film or flashbacks. It’s telling something about the current issue that happens in Mumbai. The movie is about something that happens in the current time period.

And the accident scene and the next hospital scene where the heroine appears in hospital, can be a turning point in the movie which will hero gets attacked badly. A hero comeback story maybe.

As a usual Rajinikanth movie, it will be full of Mass and surprises as the director tries to show us.

We are all waiting for Darbar Pongal!!


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